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Program of Work and Divisions

The Bordeaux-North Nashville Chamber of Commerce will focus its efforts on strengthening the community within its mapped area with strategic and thoughtful programming.  Our divisions and core programs are listed below:

paint easles

Economic & Business Division

  • Monitor smart and healthy growth

  • To attract and support development and business growth

  • Holding current businesses accountable

  • Codes and infrastructure compliance

Running Children

Community Development Division

  • Neighborhood and Community Engagement

  • Member Acquisition and Relations

  • Friends of Library partnerships

  • Historic Preservation

  • Education

  • The Corridor Newsletter

  • Marketing

Swim Lessons

Health & Wellness Division

  • To identify health and wellness barriers in our community

  • To gather and share community resources that are available

  • To develop programs for usage of greenways

  • To create and identify family and senior living activities

  • To develop an interest for securing endowments

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